Americans can now withdraw USD from Coinbase directly into their Paypal account. This means with a Paypal debit card or instant bank transfer you can now withdraw to fiat extremely easily, almost seamlessly. This really might be a problem for cards like Bitpay… I honestly have no purpose for my Bitpay card any longer, as the process is quite cumbersome and the card itself limited… not sure if I can even withdraw and I was not able to create my own pin so I never remember it.

If you want to set this up in Coinbase you’ll have to add a new account from the app in your phone. I saw no options for PayPal on the website or on Coinbase Pro, and as of now you can only withdraw to Paypal, you’ll still have to use a bank account or credit card to buy. 

If you haven’t already registers for Coinbase and you live in the USA, you might as well. Just know they do report to the IRS but trying to hide from them is probably not your best practice anyways. Register using this link and you’ll get $10 worth of BTC upon transferring or purchasing $100 worth into your account.

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