Crypto faucets

Crypto faucets are a reward system that dispenses rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. Rewards are dispensed at various predetermined intervals of time. Regular users can generate a nice amount of free coins.

Advertisements or mining (using your CPU) in the background are the main income source of many faucets but annoying for users. The faucets listed below are some of the better ones we’ve tested.

BTC30 min 30 sat
BTC60 min 0.003$ -300$
BTC60 min 52
BTC60 min31 sat
BTC60 min + bonus 0.004$ -300$SwissAds
DOGE60 min0.25 DDog-faucet
DOGE15 min0.50 DDogecoinway
ADA60 min 0.003$ -300$Freecardano
NEM60 min0.003$ -300$
XRP60 min0.003$ -300$CoinFaucet
Multiple Coins20 minvariatesLuckyBits
Multiple Coins24hrsvariatesStakecube
Multiple Coins5 min up to 2 hrsvariatesCre24
Multiple Coins10 minvariatesFaucetcrypto

Once registered and withdraw address entered, a number between 0 and 10000 will be generated when clicked on ROLL.

The amount of coins you’ll receive is related to the number rolled. Every hour a new number can be generated. If you are feeling lucky you can even try to multiply your coins. Just remember the risk and don’t be greedy.

By using several faucets and/or a multi-coin faucet you can easily accumulate coins without actually having to spend money.

You can also easily earn Bitcoin by watching a certain ad. The only thing you’ll need to do is register an account and watch an advertisement. The faucet will pay you Bitcoin according the time you spend watching the ad.

BTCWatch adsaccording time watchedBTCclick

Auto Claim Faucets

Websites that with build in auto-claimer. Using the provided link below you’ll get a stack of automatic claims to start with. You can also earn more claims very easily. The auto-claimers will send your coins to Faucethub.

Leave the tabs open while the auto-claimer is running ( minimized browser with open tabs also seem to work). It can’t get any easier as this.

First register a free account en setup your wallets here
AutoClaims a coin up to X times to FaucethubDutchyCorp.
AutoClaims X times up to 10 coins at once to FaucethubFireFaucet

Multicoin Faucets

Multi-Coin Faucets or Hubs are linked to multiple faucets. Claimed coins are send to your Multi-Coin Faucets or Hub account. CoinPot is one of the fastest and easiest multi-coin faucets to use.

Register an account and claims 5 top coins in less than 5 minutes. We’ve provided a separate link for each of the CoinPot’s claimable coins

CoinPot Coins RewardsLink To Coins Faucet
BTCTime related (-5 min)
BTCTime related (-15 min)BonusBitcoin
BCHTime related (-5 min)
LTCTime realted (-5 min)
DASHTime related (-5 min)
DOGETime related (-5 min)

Their are plenty of other faucets available on the Internet. Due to adware it might take you a bit longer before being able to claim free coins. It was definitely more annoying but, that said, we were still able to gather a descent amount of coins from the following websites.

In order to use FaucetHub you ‘ll need to link your wallet addresses to the website and to the different faucets.

Hub for +15 to faucets sitesFaucet
+20 coins (PTC)5

Using multiples wallets can be time consuming so if you are planning to claim several coins it can be useful to download a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.  

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