HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

Highly Sensitive Persons are generally more sensitive to impressions of the outside world than other peoples. As some people are more intelligent than others, some are more sensitive than others. These characteristics can naturally also go together. Every moment of the day we make impressions through our senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling).              An HSP therefore does this more intensely than the average person. High sensitivity is a property that can be used positively. For example, due to high sensitivity, you can signal hazards more quickly, be aware that someone is lying, perceive small differences in nuance and enjoy art or music more intensely.

The following statements are characteristic of Highly Sensitive Persons. They:

  • perceive in a more detailed, subtle and more intense way
  • are stimulated by things that others do not seem to notice
  • become saturated more quickly by (certain) stimuli
  • are more than average affected by, for example, nature, art or music
  • philosophize like and much and have a rich inner experience
  • like it and need it to spend more time alone
  • are often dutiful and anticipating the needs of others
  • suffer from mood swings and strong emotions
  • are at greater risk of depression, chronic fatigue and addictions
  • are too caring for others (and too little for yourself)
  • are perfectionistic
  • have a strongly developed intuition
  • feel overloaded by impressions and are afraid to make mistakes.
  • are sensitive to noise, light, heat, crowds, the feeling of other people.

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