When HitBTC decided to delist W3Coin many people lost a lot of money and were left in the cold for several months. People still don’t know why W3Coin was actually delisted from Hitbtc. It wasn’t until October that W3coins finally tweeted something.  Read carefully if you’r holding W3C. 

W3coins announced that 23% of the coins (total supply held by the market and users) will be swapped with XcelToken as of January 2019.

They also tweeted that 100 billion coins (50 % of the total supply) have been burnt. We presume that the remaining supply will be used to pay out the 240% bonus promised to those swapping their coins.

W3Coins also stated that: 

All the W3Coin holders who do not register between January 1 – March 30 will not receive any XcelToken and can not claim any commercial or legal right to the company for any delay in their part (https://twitter.com/W3coinsofficial)

Therefore you must register at LiveCoin before march 30, 2019!! 

You can register your coins by clicking on this link


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