I used to make videos like this when I was running out of time… and sometimes it took hours just to make a small video like the one below. Of course I always started making them when real important things needed to be done by morning. 

Somehow my brain kept telling me to make this or that and made me believe it was absolutely necessary before doing, you know, the important stuff like typing reports for work that was already due for a week.
Luckily ADHD gave me the power to bullshit my way out of things, even when shit got super overdue.  It’s not my fault they missed the memo I never wrote.

People say a clean room leads the way to a clean mind but when u got two dogs it’s hard to keep stuff clean. I found out that vacuuming my dogs was really helpful .

I’m not very proud of next footage… Although my dogs are quite small, they managed to overpower a huge rottweiler and well…. yeah let’s say viewers discretion is advised. RIP Reno

I remember making the next video when I had a big presentation due the next morning at work. It took all night so I went working without having slept a second and of course totally unprepared. The weirdest thing is that my boss was very pleased of my presentation… Yes ADHD bullshitted me out of this one also 😉 

People should realize that staying focused on the important things in life isn’t easy with ADHD. On the other hand it’s very easy to spend hours and hours on less important (or even useless) stuff.

Sadly for most people, only the chosen ones or blessed with ADHD and it’s super powers. 

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