When you’re in a bad neighborhood and 2 young men ask for assistance in a back alleyway you politely decline!

Yeah, it was pretty obvious to me, it was in the west end of Atlanta by a Goodwill, they claimed a lady “needed a boost round back.” and just happened to be waiting around to flag the first clueless looking fat white guy down. I told those douche bags that I don’t got cable and walked into the most depressing Goodwill I’ve ever been in, and possibly dodging a bullet, but like for real I could have died. Don’t be the guy who is dumber than I am.

Don’t shove sewing needles into couch cushions.

I jumped in the recliner weeks later and ended up with that shit sticking into my hand, that really meaty part that the thumb attaches to. My dad tried pulling it out with pliers but it sure wasn’t happening. The doctors were able to do it at the ER, and it was just terrible. Don’t do dumb-ass shit for no reason, especially if it involves leaving sharp and pointy material around your own furniture.


Safety is an Illusion

The false sense of security is itself a danger. Living beings are always vulnerable, even from within. When I heard Sophia say “safety is an illusion” my perception of reality was shattered.


It would be amazing to frisbee a frozen disc of peanut brittle into a brick wall.. There are people who would enjoy seeing the same peanut brittle disc destroy someones face… Disturbing stuff my bros

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